For centuries most Christians have celebrated the holiday called "Christmas". Protestants, Independents and Catholics alike part take in the common festivities, even though "Christmas" was a Catholic Church creation. "Christmas", being a Catholic holiday, was originally called "Christ Mass" and why I will refer to it by it's original name throughout this article. It is very interesting that those who "protested" the power and doctrines of the Catholic Vatican, and are known as "Protestants", do very little to actually "protest" it's claim to theological doctrinal dominance of Christendom. These so-called Protestants have only continued to bow to the assumed theological authority of Catholicism over pure, and Biblically sound Christian Theology.
Even those Christians who reject the title of "Protestant" and claim to of never originated or branched from the Catholic Church, and consider themselves "Independents", are not so independent doctrinally. Many of their doctrines come straight from the Vatican and Catholicism. Christmass being one of those Catholic generated doctrines.
Christians that claim to be opposed to Catholic idolatry partake in it every December 25th when they willfully choose to participate in a Catholic observance called ChristMASS.

For whatever reasons most Christian denominations, sects, and individuals celebrate what is historically a Catholic Church "holy day".
There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of articles, tracts, booklets and even thick books written by Christian authors identifying Christ-Mass as being from ancient Pagan origins.
There are many, many, secular sources to prove the point of fact that "Christ-Mass" is merely a continuation of Pagan Sun Worship. Historical records and evidence prove Pagan practices of Solar Worship Festivals were indeed conducted around December 21st, the Winter Solstice.
No where can religious winter festivals, or Holy Days, be found to of been celebrated by devoted worshipers of Yahweh in the Old Testament record. There can, however, be found many condemnations by the Israelite God (Yahweh) in the Old Testament. Most of those Godly condemnations were directed towards those unfaithful and sinful Israelites that did engage in Pagan rituals and festival observances. 
Further more there is not only no command in the New Testament to celebrate Christ's birthday, there is absolutely no New Testament record of His early Christian followers celebrating it! During the first decades of Christianity is when the New Testament Scriptures were written.

The well established fact that the Catholic holiday, originally called "Christ Mass", is but a recycled Pagan Winter Solstice Festival is generally well known by most who call themselves "Christian". Yet for some unknown reason many non-Catholics still insist on observing it, and thus validating it. If a member of the Catholic Church observes Christ-Mass they are simply acting in accordance with the theology of Catholicism. Yet if a non-Catholic observes the Catholic holiday it makes the Catholic Church appear to have theological dominance in that individual's religious convictions.
Neo-Pagans of today do observe modern versions of the ancient Pagan Winter Festival and call it "Yule".
Being Pagan in their religion they do not attempt to "Christianize" what they know is historically of Pagan origins.
Let it be known that no one can "Christianize" that which is of non-Christian and Pagan origins. Christianity can only be Paganized by such theological bastardization, or mixing, of different religious practices.
An ancient PAGAN festival was turned into a Catholic Mass centuries ago.....and a Capitalist Me$$ today. But it NEVER was a CHRISTIAN holy-day!

I have not celebrated Christmass since I first learned the truth about it's Catholic and Pagan origins back in 1987. I stopped observing the pseudo-Christian "holy day" well over 20 years ago. Over the years I have been asked if I was "Jehovah Witness or Jewish". The acquaintances knew I was a "religious person" but they did not understand my "religion". My "religion" is simply Christianity, plain and simple, and pure as possible. My answers to such questions are sometimes something like "No, I'm not Jehovah Witness, I just am not a Pagan", or "I am not Jewish, I am a Christian who don't observe Paganism". My favorite response to give to a question about my not celebrating Christ-mass is simply "I'm not a Catholic".

I will not be writing in this article about all the historical evidence that Christmass has Pagan roots. The world has been already well flooded with such historical information.
I will not be quoting a bunch of Scriptures in this article to back my Christian and theological opposition to Christian observance of Pagan Festivals. The world has been flooded as well with such articles written by other Christian ministers who are not afraid of the Truth about the LIE called "Christmass".
Instead the point of this article about Christmass is to appeal to your common sense and logic, and to your conscience. If you are a Christian and strive to honestly follow the true teachings of Jesus Christ then you already know better than to add the practices of worshiping "other gods" to your Christian lifestyle. Your conscience condemns you already if you are at least Bible savvy enough to know the very first of the Ten Commandments ("Thou Shalt Not Have No Other God's Before Me").

There are some Christian ministers and teachers that claim the Winter Solstice was originally observed by righteous Adamites (Godly descendants of Adam) of old.  They did not "observe" the solstice as a religious practice originally. They looked to it as a marking-point in the yearly solar cycle. The non-religious "observance" was originally brought about during the advent of  Organized Agriculture 5000+ years before the Christian Era. The original setting of stones at Stonehenge during the birthing period of the Agricultural Age took place around this time. Stone solar calendars, such as the well known Stonehenge, have been proven to of been used to mark points of solar movements to keep track of seasonal changes. Knowing the exact points of seasonal change helped our ancestors to orient their agricultural activities. Observing the movements of the sun across the sky and keeping tract of the solar year for agricultural purposes certainly is not Pagan-Sun Worship. It is no more Nature Worship (Paganism) to note solar solstices and equinoxes than for us modern Adamites to keep tract of days and seasonal changes on a modern paper calender we hang on the wall.
Stonehenge marking the exact point of the sun on the horizon on the morning of the winter-time solar solstice.

Ancient Adam-Kind (descendants of Adam & Eve) were fascinated with the keeping of time and were quite adapt at marking dates of the year by observing stages of the sun's movement on the earth's horizon. That does not mean they all worshiped the large golden yellow orb in the sky. Many early Adamites simply seen the sun as a symbol of Life, or a symbol of the Almighty Creator of Adam-Kind, and all the earth and animals. It is not Paganism to say "Yahweh God is like unto the sun". For God the Creator is "like" the sun in that the sun is life sustaining through it's providing of light and warmth to all of nature upon the earth.
Yet early Adamites soon began to apostate and worship the creation, such as the sun itself, instead of the Invisible Maker of all that is "good".

I personally like to note the seasonal equinoxes and solstices as the year goes by. The actual dates of these natural solar events are printed on most present-day calenders. Our modern calenders also contain monthly phases of the moon as well.
The winter solstice comes on December 21st every year. It simply means that the season of winter is in full swing, as the sun is lowest in the horizon, and furthest from the upper hemisphere of the globe of the earth. I do not throw a festival during the time period of the winter solstice, nor do I "celebrate" such a time. I don't celebrate any of the movements of the sun or any of the changes of the seasons.

Christian ministers that do celebrate Christmass and teach their congregations to do so are in doctrinal error according to the Holy Bible. Many of these same ministers will repeat the spurious phrase "Keep Christ in Christmas(s)". Yet the historical, and Biblical facts prove that Christ, and early Christianity were never "in" Christmass!
Around the early 300's A.D. the apostate version of "christianity" called "Catholicism" branded the world with it's many false doctrines and corrupt theology. One of those false doctrines being the observance of Christ's birth, and placing it at the exact time period of the Pagan Solar Worshiping Festival. A heathen festival that for thousands of years, has taken place around the winter season solar solstice during the last half of the month of December.
The ad announcing the first Macy's ChristMa$$ parade

The large scale commercialization of the CATHOLIC version of the Pagan Sun Festival began around the early 1900's in America. This merchant-encouraged "giving of gifts" became full-blown in the newly industrialized North East, in New York City by such Jewish owned department stores as Macy's.
Such non-Christian and capitalist merchants seen the "Christian" holiday as an opportunity to capitalize and cash-in on the once vague sporadically practiced tradition of "gift-giving" during "Christmass time".
What does this modern-age false "god"  have to do with the True & Everliving Christ?!
Even the modern version of the morbidly obese "Santa Claus" with the red pants and suit began with ad campaigns by Coke-a-Cola.
Coke and other merchant companies did not begin the concept of an "old man, with a long beard that is all knowing and can be everywhere at once". Those omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient (literally "All Present, All Powerful and All Knowing") god-like attributes were originally attributed to the Pagan god-figure directly connected to the Winter Solstice Festival observances.
I find it ironic that Christians today complain about the "commercialization of Christmass" when Christ-Mass has nothing to do with true, Biblical Christian principles in the first place!
I also find irony in the fact that people who don't even believe in Christ, and even mock Christianity, celebrate Christ-Mass every year. Such anti-Christian and non-religious people observe the so-called "Christian holiday" right along with Catholics and non-Catholic Christians alike.
No, ChristMASS is not a Christian holy-day. It is a Catholic holiday, plain and simple.
It began with non-Yahweh worshiping Pagans.
It was morphed into a mongrelized holiday by Catholic Church officials in the early days of the Catholic Religion. This mongrelization created a part Pagan tradition - part Christian doctrine theological mongrel unholy-day.
Originally when Protestant Puritans settled in America from Western Europe in the 1600's it was against Colonial law to even observe Christmass! They knew and were well aware of the Catholic, and Pagan origins of the observance. Religions such as the 7th Day Adventist Church and Jehovah Witnesses are opposed celebrating the non-Christian holiday for the right reasons, even though they may have many other doctrines wrong.
Not a "ChristMASS Season" goes by without myself being asked "why don't you celebrate it?".
If you claim to be a Christian and not a Catholic or Neo-Pagan and do celebrate it let me ask YOU a question....
                                  .....WHY DO YOU CELEBRATE IT???

The original concept of a "Santa" figure was a Pagan god-like being. Today "Santa Claus" is a modern god of materialism.

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